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Our support staff is eager to make your physical at Center for Heart & Health a very worthwhile experience.  Please don't hesistate to call us for an appointment or further information at (310) 670-1120 or fax us at (310) 670-1433.

One of the many unique features of the Westchester Medical Group is the personal attention you receive from a certified exercise physiologist. While you are at the Center, a physiologist is assigned to you and will take you through the entire process. You will be greeted promptly after your arrival and assigned your personal locker in our private dressing room. Your physiologist will escort you during your testing, introduce you to the doctor doing your test, and then complete your testing. Your physiologist will make sure that all your questions have been thoroughly answered prior to your departure.

Our Physiologists:

Center for Heart and Health - Physiologists Craig Wellman - Chief Physiologist
Jodie Dulnuan
Florann Ramsey, R.N.
Sean Riley
Katy Shameklis

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